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Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy is treatable, if diagnosed early

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Support epilepsy patients through Epilepsy Foundation India's Adopt a Patient initiative. Your contribution of Rs. 11,000 can ensure that a needy rural epilepsy patient, gets 1 year's medication delivered free to their doorstep, even in pandemic times! Donate Now!!


Support Epilepsy Foundation India's rural epilepsy camps by giving your time as a volunteer. Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupation Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Data entry operators any anyone interested are welcome. Enroll as a Volunteer Now!!


You can adopt a patient for 1 year, by contributing Rs. 11,000. We will ensure that needy patients receive all required medications for 1 year as well as medical diagnostics, if needed, like EEG, MRI or Counselling. ADOPT NOW!

Welcome to Epilepsy Foundation

The journey began in a middle class business family in Jodhpur in 1956. From sitting in a shop making and selling Rakhis, destiny was about to shine down unto me. A brief visit to Mumbai in 1971 as a simple 15 year old made me realize my life’s true calling. It was here that I found the inspiration to become a man of medicine. Thus the journey had reached a crucial point. My parents recognised this and encouraged my initial infatuation into a full blown career in medicine. From here on it was a life of dedication, struggle and service.

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Our Events

Epilepsy Foundation regularly conducts and participates in number of events to raise awareness
about epilepsy and reduce the stigma associated with the disease.


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New Patients Follow-up Patients OT PT ST Counselling Cognitive Therapy EEG MRI Medication
Cumulative (till Latest Month) 65 2255 387 189 440 643 623 254 55 2310
Latest Month 1 102 17 15 29 28 37 19 1 103
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Mumbai Marathon

Epilepsy Foundation India participates in Mumbai Marathon every year to raise awareness about epilepsy and reduce the social stigma associated with the disease. Over the years, this has been very successful as many volunteers associate with us for this event and join in the Dream Run to raise awareness. 400 to 500 volunteers participate each year for this noble cause.

This year Epilepsy Foundation is conducting a 50 million steps challenge in the week culminating with the Mumbai Marathon. We request all our patients, family members, volunteers and general public to join in our awareness initiative and walk / run for Epilepsy Awareness. You can contribute your steps done between 9th January 2023 to 15th January 2023 to this noble cause. Submit your contribution at https://epilepsyfoundationindia.com/50-million-steps

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