Welcome to Epilepsy Foundation

The journey began in a middle class business family in Jodhpur in 1956. From sitting in a shop making and selling Rakhis, destiny was about to shine down unto me. A brief visit to Mumbai in 1971 as a simple 15 year old made me realize my life’s true calling. It was here that I found the inspiration to become a man of medicine. Thus the journey had reached a crucial point. My parents recognised this and encouraged my initial infatuation into a full blown career in medicine. From here on it was a life of dedication, struggle and service.

I graduated as an MBBS and then as an MD in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, all the while stroking that internal flame to come and establish myself in Mumbai.
I arrived here doe-eyed, with no idea as to where this city would take me. From those difficult, sleepless years of achieving a DNB at Bombay Hospital to having seen over a Lakh of patients today, this journey has been intense and satisfying.
Life in Mumbai continues with riches and extravagance but it’s the people around you who inspire you to give back to society. As a man of medicine, it was an easy decision to make. The respect, happiness and love that I’ve earned since can only be felt in my heart and in the eyes of those patients that have come back to me ever since I started practicing.
Thus, the journey will continue, the show must go on, not just for me but for those I’m enmeshed with for a lifetime and more.”


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To provide information, education to overcome myth and taboo surrounding this disease, especially in rural areas

To provide affordable health care and rehabilitation to epilepsy patients of all cast, creed irrespective of their social stature

To contribute towards finding 100% cure for the disease

To serve the needy in the remotest area of India

Center Activities

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  • Enjoy growing up and are more able to deal with difficult times
  • Develop positive relationships with friends and family
  • Develop their understanding of right and wrong
  • Enjoy learning and start doing better at school
  • Have a positive identity and self-worth
  • Enjoy new experiences